These early Black Friday SSD deals start at under £90

SanDisk and Samsung SSDs all reduced.

The main event may still be over a week away, but Amazon has already gone live with a handful of tempting SSD deals in its Countdown to Black Friday sale if you’re looking to bump up your PC’s storage.

This 1TB SanDisk SSD Plus leads the way as the best value deal of the bunch for only £87.99.

As someone who probably paid more than this years ago for a 250GB SSD I’m already considering it as an upgrade. The jump in performance when I first installed the drive was so significant that I’d easily recommend it to anyone looking for a quick and efficient way to speed up their PC. With this drive you’ll have room to install more than just the OS and Final Fantasy 14 – unlike me.

An SSD is one of the most effective and efficient PC upgrades.

That’s just the start of Amazon’s range of SSD deals currently available, too. If you want to go for something even faster you can get the 1TB Samsung 970 EVO or EVO Plus. You’ll have to pay a bit of a premium for this NVMe drive, but if speed really is of the utmost importance then you’ll appreciate it. And, would you look at that, it’s on offer in both the UK and US!

Lastly, you can also find the 1TB Samsung Portable SSD T5 as a limited time deal. Over at Jelly Deals, this drive has been a regular contender in our list of the best external hard drives for PS4. As it’s a speedier SSD it’s a pricier option, but if you’re sick of console load times it can certainly help!

Last year, SSDs were one of the most popular items on sale during Black Friday, so we’re expecting even more offers to follow in the next couple of weeks. These are a terrific start, though! To ensure you’re always up to date, Digital Foundry is already keeping track of the best Black Friday SSD deals.

Meanwhile, we’ve also already got pages live that will be following the best PS4 Black Friday offers, best Nintendo Switch Black Friday bargain and best Xbox Black Friday discounts. Expect things to kick off proper from this Friday as many countdown sales get underway. Yes, it is happening again.

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