PlayStation characters get amiibo-like figure range

Imitation is the sincerest form of making some quick cash, as the saying goes, so here is a range of PlayStation characters in the form of figurines like Nintendo’s amiibo.

Amiibo-like is the term, as these dinky models do not feature any NFC capabilities. You won’t be able to scan Kratos into God of War for extra Dad points, or pop your WipEout figurine on your PS4 to revive that franchise from the dead.

Other famous PlayStation characters in the range include LittleBigPlanet’s Sackboy, Parappa the Rapper (no summoning either of those back from the dead either), the bloke from Bloodborne and Crash Bandicoot (which is owned by Activision).

Here’s how the figures look in their packaging. It’s very familiar:


The range is officially licensed by Sony but made by a third-party, ThinkGeek, which is another key difference from Nintendo’s amiibo.

And the name of the range? Totaku. Which sounds a lot like a website about snacks.

GAME will have the figures to sell from 23rd March.

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