Devil May Cry 5 Ultra Limited Edition includes Dante's coat, costs £6100

Ever wanted to own a replica of Dante’s coat from Devil May Cry? Well now you can – but it’ll cost you over six grand.

Capcom Japan is selling a Devil May Cry 5 Ultra Limited Edition that includes a replica coat from one of the three playable characters: Dante, Nero and V.

The cheapest is V’s edition, which costs 600,000 yen (around £4000).


Sitting pretty in the middle is Nero’s edition, which costs 750,000 yen (around £5000).


And on top of the super expensive coat tree is Dante’s edition, which costs a cool 900,000 yen (around £6100).


On Capcom Japan’s website, there are pictures of a model wearing the coat while being scanned for the game. This means if you buy and wear the coat, you’ll look just like a model.


Capcom’s got form when it comes to selling replica clothing from its video game characters. Back in 2012, the company sold a Resident Evil 6 leather jacket edition for £899 in Europe.

There’s no word on whether these Devil May Cry 5 Ultra Limited Editions will be sold on these shores, so if you really want one you’ll have to import, which is going to slap even more money on the total cost. But, I suppose, if you’re putting six grand down on a video game coat, a few hundred quid extra won’t bother you too much.

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