80 Days developer shows off Heaven's Vault

After a year of waiting, 80 Days developer Inkle has shown off a proper look at its in-development sci-fi adventure Heaven’s Vault – and confirmed it will arrive on PlayStation 4 this year.


(PC and Mac versions have previously been confirmed, with a smartphone launch set to follow later on.)

Heaven’s Vault looks like a mix of Assassin’s Creed’s weirder modern day moments and the multi-choice narrative storytelling of a Telltale game.

What’s especially interesting, however, is that you’ll piece together fragments of story by uncovering an entire language – buried, word by word, throughout the game.

Here’s a new trailer:

Martin got a glimpse at Heaven’s Vault around a year ago when it was first announced and came away impressed.

It sounds like a release date isn’t too far off.

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